Monday, May 08, 2006

Why didn't you tell me it was World Laughter Day???

I didn't find out about World Laughter Day until the day after (today, Monday May 8th).

Perhaps it was due to the fact that I live in Connecticut (USA) and there are not World Laughter Day festivities scheduled (or at least none listed on the World Laughter Day web site, click here.)

It sounds like a GREAT idea and I'm going to celebrate it (in my own way) today.

I encourage everyone to find something humorous in your life and treat yourself to at least 3 good laughs today.

It shouldn't be too hard.

Just take your boss for instance .... do I need to say more?

Or your kids... they do the darnedest things!

And don't get me started on signs or the way people drive! (Check out the "game" faces that people use when driving sometime. Preferrably when you are stopped at a light so you don't drive into the other lane.)

Laugh it up Fuzzball!