Friday, November 21, 2008

Great Doonesbury Cartoon... for note writers!

Check out the full Doonesbury comic strip by clicking the link below ....

Monday, November 17, 2008

Businesses with Personality !

As many of my readers already know, we like to see businesses with personality !

Here is a great example (as featured in Business Pundit blog) .....

Walk into a high dollar hair salon and you might be offered a glass of wine to go with your $60 haircut. IF you have an appointment that is. Walk into a Bishops Barbershop on any given Tuesday (no appointment necessary) and suck down the suds during your $12 buzz cut.

Rivera didn’t invent the idea of a different kind of hair salon. The niche is includes SportsClips, which features TVs blaring ESPN and stylists in NASCAR gear. Then there’s Cartoon Cuts, where kids get hosed down by a nozzle that resembles an elephant trunk. But Rivera’s joint is different. Partly on account of that beer, and partly due to the street art he supports which creates the uber-urban vibe. But mostly it’s because of the personality Rivera has infused into his brand.
The real test will be if Rivera can maintain the personality of his creation as he tries to franchise the concept to other cities.

Keep you eyes out for a Bishops Barbershop in your city !

(and leave a comment below if you know of a business with personality!)