Wednesday, April 18, 2007

These cards make me SICK !!!!

I had to wonder if the inventors of the "Red E bag" were making a comment about the cards that they sell when they came up with it?

The Red E bag is a "barf bag" or, more politically correct... a "nausea bag"... that is cleverly designed to look like a simple, stylish purse or handbag. It looks much better than those paper bags that they give you on airplanes!

It was invented by Jodi and Jim Carr, of As We Grow LLC and it was conceived when Jodi was getting sick from morning sickness (not from the cards they sell). Their patented solution to public nausea is a discreet durable bag with plastic disposable liners, an extra large opening and a zippered pocket for clean up supplies. Jodi comments, "I discovered it effectively reduces anxiety. I was relaxed, confident and mess free."

Here is an article about it and here is the website for the Red E bag.

As We Grow LLC owns the trademark and patent for the Red E Bag. They are certified as a woman-owned business through Women's Business Enterprise National Council (WBENC).

So, what cards do they sell??? (And do they make you sick??)
As We Grow LLC sells copyrighted Robert Coval Note Cards and use the proceeds to contribute to American Cancer Society. Robert Coval was the photographer for the note cards and Jodi's father who had cancer.

Their nausea bag is available in black and pink and retails for $15.95 at and at select e-commerce and retail stores.

For more information, contact Jodi Carr, (239) 822-2956 or and be sure to tell her that we were just kidding about the cards making us sick!