Tuesday, April 01, 2008

April Fools !!! (read this blog entry)

You know the great thing about blogs?

Google indexes blogs in about 5 minutes so you are able to use a blog to pull an April Fools or practical joke on someone.

The key is to use a search term or string of words that is unique so that your post will come up first when your "victim" searches to get the "real story".

For example, my niece just passed her driver's test for her driver's license a couple weeks ago so if I put something like "Wisconsin driver test recalled" or "Recall of Wisconsin driver test" or "Wisconsin driver test problem" or "WI driving test" the odds are that my blog post will pop up at the top of a Google search !

I can improve my chances by adding tags such as "Wisconsin Driver Test", Wisconsin Driver Test Recall, recall, driving test and Grafton (where she might have taken the test).

Let's try it .... (I just posted this and will wait a few minutes to see if it works).

It worked ! Now to put my plan into action with a telephone call ....

April Fools Alex ... from your Uncle Dave !!!