Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Notecard Envelopes... Job Hunter's weapon!

Who would have thought that the simple act of "envelope size" could help someone get a job?

Well, the Job Hunters over at Guerilla Marketing certainly did!
Everyone’s face lights up when they see one of those little envelopes that are peculiar to “thank you” note cards – those tiny little 4 x 4 white envelopes with barely enough room to write a name and address on the front and a return address on the back. Fold your resume and cover letter together carefully until they fit inside and then mail.
What they forgot to mention is that you should also be using real notecards for follow-up after an interview.

Can you think of any other imaginative ways to use notecards in the Job Hunting process?

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Notecards make you smarter!

Here is an interesting article about how the practice of handwriting notecards can actually make you smarter !
Today the idea of a handwritten composition is nothing more than a fable told to disbelieving students- "You wrote the words? With a pen?" However, according to a washingtonpost.com article, the loss of handwriting also
may be a cognitive opportunity missed. The article explains, "Studies show that the neurological process that directs thought, through fingers, into written symbols is a highly sophisticated one. Several academic studies have found that good handwriting skills at a young age can help children express their thoughts better - a lifelong benefit."

The article goes on to say how we can make it a habit...

How do we encourage our children to write more? And ourselves!

Give them personalized stationery that reflects their interests. Children love to be told they are special and a personalized gift is a sincere way to express that sentiment. It also encourages children of all ages to practice writing. They do not have to write a long letter; just a personal quick note is better
than a note never written.

Write On !