Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Notecards make you smarter!

Here is an interesting article about how the practice of handwriting notecards can actually make you smarter !
Today the idea of a handwritten composition is nothing more than a fable told to disbelieving students- "You wrote the words? With a pen?" However, according to a washingtonpost.com article, the loss of handwriting also
may be a cognitive opportunity missed. The article explains, "Studies show that the neurological process that directs thought, through fingers, into written symbols is a highly sophisticated one. Several academic studies have found that good handwriting skills at a young age can help children express their thoughts better - a lifelong benefit."

The article goes on to say how we can make it a habit...

How do we encourage our children to write more? And ourselves!

Give them personalized stationery that reflects their interests. Children love to be told they are special and a personalized gift is a sincere way to express that sentiment. It also encourages children of all ages to practice writing. They do not have to write a long letter; just a personal quick note is better
than a note never written.

Write On !

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