Monday, June 23, 2008

In tribute to George Carlin ...

This picture is a tribute to George Carlin (who passed away on Sunday).

The picture is a variation of the one posted by Jessica Hagy on her blog, "Indexed"...
Special thanks to my sister, Janet, who gave me the idea (after seeing Jessica's blog post).

In Janet's words,"although to be accurate there should be a line on the graph that looks like someone giving you the finger. True George Carlin style!!"

We saw George Carlin in person on May 2nd at his show in Northampton, MA. It was a great evening of fun with my sister, my Dad & I ... all of us great fans of comedy and George!

The world will miss George Carlin's unique perspective and incredible sense of humor !

If you haven't checked out Jessica Hagy's blog, you might want to go to the main page and check out some other entries...

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