Monday, August 14, 2006

Catch The Wave ....

Again I refer to Seth Godin's blog ....

Seth talks about the "timing" for a business. He uses Vegan cooking and Starbucks as examples of businesses that could not have been successful in a different era.

As always, Seth brings up a good point and it brought to mind an analogy....


If you are trying to catch a wave there are a number of steps involved:
1. Get a surfboard and get in the water. If you are on the shore, you aren't going to catch a wave. Same thing in business. Unless you are actively IN BUSINESS and even, perhaps near, or in, an industry it will be difficult to see the approaching waves.

2. Paddle out. This involves avoiding or overcoming other waves (and other surfers) while you try to find "your wave". In business, this is "survival" while keeping your eyes open for the right opportunity.

3. Catch a wave. The first thing you do, once you see a wave you want to ride, is the get your board turned around (toward shore) and start paddling FAST so that you are ON the wave. In business there are few companies or people who can "paddle" fast enough to actually catch the wave.

4. Ride the wave. Use your creativity and skills to ride the wave for all it is worth. Eventually it will die out and hit the shore, so enjoy the ride.

5. Repeat.

Does anyone with more experience with surfing or business have any comments?

Dave Wheeler