Sunday, February 18, 2007

Art Therapy for Kids turns into cards...

This just in from Texas....

The Galveston County Daily News:
“Our child life director, Janis Matthews, and her team do a great job of providing daily art therapy for the kids,” Huang said. “I and many of my colleagues strongly believe in it as an important part of the healing process. One day, it occurred to me that we should get the word out about our art therapy program by producing cards with the children’s designs on them that the public could buy.”

Art Stars note cards can be purchased at the UTMB gift shop on the first floor of John Sealy Hospital, the UTMB Bookstore on the first floor of the Moody Medical Library and Children’s Hospital. A set of eight cards featuring four designs costs $10. All proceeds benefit the patients and programs of Children’s Hospital.For information, call 409-772-1596.

If you talk to anyone associated with this program, please have them send us a picture of the cards !
We would love to feature the pictures on this blog !

The Little Author, Inc. Creates Heirloom Treasures That Will Steal Your Heart

The Little Author, Inc. Creates Heirloom Treasures That Will Steal Your Heart

This company, based in California, creates books, notecards and more from your child's art. Check out their website at

Friday, February 16, 2007

Hallmark is "reaching" for new card opportunities...

This post at BrandSizzle blog starts off talking about the challenge of e-cards to traditional (paper) cards and it ends up showing how far Hallmark is willing to go ....

What's next? A card for when you get a blister? Or one for a stubbed toe? I don't think they have taken into account the fact that 1) people do not have time to run out and get a card for every single event in their life and 2) by the time they got a card, the moment has passed.

I can imagine their response might be ... "Well, if people would just buy the cards ahead of time, they would be prepared."

At $2-4 per card (or more), I don't think they are going to be doubling their business with these cards... but hopefully someone will send me one of their "too bad you were wrong in your blog post" cards.

I will hold my breath.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

What's the Web up to???

Would you like a visual rush that shows what is happening (and has already happened) on the web?

Check out this video !

Very cool !