Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Three New Note Cards Released by

Norwalk, CT USA(May 17, 2005) releases three limited-edition notecards featuring art by "Wheels". These cards bring the total number of available designs by Wheels to four with each limited-edition design consisting of less than 115 prints.

"Our first NoteWordy card, Artist's Brush, has been well received," said NoteWordy founder, Dave Wheeler, "and we are excited to be able to offer three more very unique, limited-edition cards for art collectors and note writers."

NoteWordy limited-edition cards are sequentially numbered and randomized after sealing to ensure that the odds of a purchaser getting Card#1 in the series is as likely as it would be to get #58 or #103 or even #115.

All cards carry the NoteWordy Limited Edition Certification seal as well as a brief "vignette" or mini-story based on the art on the cover of the card. This added feature expands the artistic experience for the purchaser as well as the connection to intent of the artist.

These cards can be purchased online at or through selected retailers. Visit for more information. is dedicated to improving people's lives through art and handwritten notes. The art featured on NoteWordy cards is from new, up-and-coming artists with high potential and provides insights for improving relationships through note writing. Dave Wheeler, the founder of, produces a blog focused on note writing, art as well as his views on management/marketing.

The first 4 cards released by NoteWordy Cards featured art by Wheels. Posted by Hello

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