Thursday, September 15, 2005

Vision => Emotional Resonance

How often have you worked for a company and their vision was as bland as dry, white toast?

"We will sell widgets to the tall, short and sideways markets and [insert
motherhood and apple pie statement here]."

Sample motherhood and apple pie statements:
"be a world leader"
"provide top quality"
"be the preferred supplier"

A vision must resonate with the organization and, more importantly, with every person within the organization if it going to be truly effective.

From my years as a mechanical engineer, I learned that resonance is created when certain things happen. First there is a source of the vibration [the vision in our analogy here]. Second, the vibration must be transmitted in some form to the subject [the individuals in the organization]. Finally, there must be a "natural frequency" within the subject such that it responds to the vibration and begins to vibrate at the same frequency. To cross over from our analogy to business, this means that people must be receptive and have values and personal goals that support (and hopefully reinforces) the vision.

Natural Frequency = The Individual's Values

Back to the analogy... Vibration can also grow. In certain cases, the subject receiving the vibration adds to the vibration and the amplitude (or energy) of the vibration increases! It gains power. In an organization, this is seen when the individual increases their motivation and accomplishes more, which motivates others to support the vision, which accomplishes more, which motivates others .... I think you see how this can grow !

A good vision ignites emotions and passion for the mission ahead. A dry, boring vision is simply noise!

What is your vision? Share it with someone and see if it resonates !

Write On!

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