Monday, October 17, 2005

Nominations open for NoteWordy Bloggers of 2005

The nominations are now open for the NoteWordy Bloggers of 2005 ! is sponsoring a contest to recognize the top, most noteworthy bloggers of 2005 based on their impact on the web and the world in general. The categories include:

  • Blogosphere - specific blogs related primarily to blogging
  • Marketing blogs
  • News blogs
  • Specialty blogs - unique subjects, covered exceptionally well
  • Personal blogs - entertaining, insightful ....

More detailed descriptions will follow in later posts. Selections will be made in December 2005 for release to the media in late December.

How does it work?
The selection process is semi-democratic. The democratic part is that you can submit comments on this blog (please keep them under 100 words) telling why a particular blog deserves to be one of the most NoteWordy blogs of 2005. The "semi-" part of the selection process is that these suggestions will be reviewed as part of the final decision, but the selection by will be final.

So comment often and with passion ! Tell who had great posts this year (preferably with links to great examples).

Winners will receive a complete set of limited-edition note cards and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with winning !

Vote now! Vote often!

Write On!

Dave Wheeler

If it's noteworthy, send!

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