Wednesday, July 12, 2006

The Problem of "Too Much Money" ....

I was reading Steve Pavlina's blog (click here to read the post) and it was interesting to hear about the problems when you have "too much money".

Before I start, let me say that this is not MY PROBLEM. It is purely theoretical for me, but I also found it to be a stimulating mental exercise to try to figure out and solve Steve's problem(s).

My first observation is that Steve is doing well by recognizing his true purpose and what makes him happy. He also is very smart to have a diversified portfolio of income sources with many being passive income generators. Most middle-class people never get to this point and if you are still working for someone else, I would recommend reading "Retire Young, Retire Rich" by Robert Kiyosaki. He is the author of the "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" best sellers and the RYRR book has some good ideas on the mental aspects of wealth building including "context".

Back to Steve's problem ... I think he needs to THINK BIGGER ! Additional wealth will give him opportunities that he might not have otherwise. For example, he could probably afford to sponsor conferences related to his area of expertise, personal development. This would be a great use of his financial leverage... even if it he only provided the working capital or seed money.

Overall, I'm sure Steve will solve his problem and I KNOW that he will not get any sympathy from me or most of his other readers !

Write On!

Dave Wheeler

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