Friday, October 26, 2007

Notewordy October Card-er of the Month !

First, we liked the name of this site...

Plus, there is (or was?) a sale going on ... "For today only (Thursday, October 25th) all sets of cards are only $4.95!" How cool is that? (Maybe you can still get the discount since the message is still on the homepage?)

And... with design names like "Springtime Splash", "Pastel Fireworks" and "Martini" we just had to make Just Being Notesy our NoteWordy Card-er of the Month!

One suggestion to improve their website ...
Who is the artist? If there was a link on the home page with the artist's story it would give the cards even more "personality" !

Who is

The card buying public wants to know !!!

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miss notesy said...

Thanks for this post!!!