Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Sympathy during tough times...

Over the past years, we have blogged about how to handle sympathy cards and helped people come up with the appropriate words to write on them. [How-to Sympathy cards here.]

Recently there was a short (but effective) article on about how to handle the "face-t0-face" part of offering sympathy.

When attending the funeral of someone we know, the thought of going up to express our condolences to the friends and relatives of the deceased can often fill us with apprehension - it’s not exactly the kind of experience we go through every day. However, with the right approach it can actually be a very
inwardly rewarding experience.

In [condensed] summary, this is what they had to say...
  • Say it with feeling.

  • Empathise.

  • Show up.

  • Talk about fond memories and good qualities .

  • Write a sympathy notecard.

  • Act from the heart.
Click here to read the full article !

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