Monday, January 05, 2009

"Before"... finished !

It took a while, but it is finally finished.

The vacation and holidays at the end of December was the perfect time to get this painting wrapped up ... probably due to some very cold weather and some good movies on TV that encouraged me to stay inside !

I used a very translucent acrylic blue ("Prussian blue", I think) which gave the body a "scratchy" or "beaten-up" look which I liked. It also hinted at an unhealthy lifestyle... to go along with the "boxed-in" and "black clouds" that have "haunted" the subject of this painting.

Selling it?
I probably won't sell this painting right away. I am hoping to have "Before" and "After" completed and hung side-by-side so selling the first one is out of the question ... at least for a while.

I am already working on "After" ... which seems appropriate as we head into the "New Year's Resolution" season.

Tune in here for updates on the next painting.

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