Monday, April 11, 2005

Impact of a Handwritten Note ....

I am always amazed by the impact of a handwritten note. So few people write them that they have an incredible effect on the people who receive them as shown in the following excerpt from a blog by a young lady in North Carolina:

... You know what? Yesterday, I got a letter from [Boston Conservatory] in the mail--a general followup letter that was sent to all the "called back" auditionees--and on the bottom of my letter was a handwritten note from Michael Nash, the guy from the callbacks. He wrote: 'thank you so much for your sweet note. you sure deserve this letter. my best wishes to you in whatever path you choose.' I could've cried... he's the dean of the conservatory. THE DEAN! and he wrote me the nicest note there. I've just decided that I love theatre people!

Just one example of the power of a handwritten note !

Write On !

Dave Wheeler

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