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I've received a number of questions regarding NoteWordy Art-based notecards and thought I would use this blog to start answering at least a few of them...

"I've heard that NoteWordy Cards are "limited-editions".
How "limited" are they and how do I know that more won't be printed?

First, the term "limited edition" means different things for different products. A limited edition automobile might be one of only 5 or 10 cars (of course they cost hundreds of thousands of dollars each so it is easy to see why the market might be limited too).

On the other end of the spectrum, I recently got a "limited edition" bottle of Mountain Dew soda ("Pitch Black flavor" in case you were wondering) and I would be surprised if there were thousands if not tens of thousands of this product produced.

In between these two extremes are a wide range of "limited-editions"... comic books are around 10-20,000 per print run, Beanie-babies are only limited when they "retire" a design so there are probably thousands, if not millions produced while Hugh Macleod (cartoon artist & marketing guru) will soon be launching a limited-edition of only 200 T-shirts with his art. (Check out Hugh at

Speaking of the art world, artists often make "limited edition" prints of their art but there is very little stopping them from re-printing the image with a slight change and calling it another limited edition.

This is where NoteWordy Cards are unique. Of course the cards are produced in limited numbers. The first 4 cards are limited to less than 115 cards. There are also less than 40 pre-release draft prints created (not included in the numbered editions) that are used for promotion or as give-aways. These pre-release cards typically are not complete in some way. For example, the story on the back might not be included or the graphics are somehow different. All pre-release cards are marked as pre-release samples and/or "Bongo Cards".

The real reason that NoteWordy is different from other art prints is that NoteWordy Cards also OWNs the legal rights for the artwork "when printed as a stand-alone image less than 5x7 inches". NoteWordy requires artists to register their work by filing a copyright and then assign this portion of their overall copyrights as part of our process. This assures that the edition is truly limited while also still allowing the artist to produce larger prints if the particular work of art becomes popular, as it can when featured on a NoteWordy card !

Please let me know if this answers the question for you or if you have other questions about NoteWordy cards or note writing in general !

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