Sunday, March 11, 2007

Geek Dinner at Two Boots NYC !

BL Ochman organized a fabulous evening and, of course, our honored guest, Hugh MacLeod, for including us on his trip back to the city ! It was great to meet such interesting people and I hope there is another Geek Dinner / NYC very soon !

Others at the event (along with links to their websites) included...
Mitch Axelrod, Rick Bruner, Patrice Evans, Senia Maymin, Roger from melatonemusic, Alice Garik, Thomas Maloney, Marshall Sponder of,, and, Kelsey Kaufman, Josh Kaufman, and, of course, yours truly... Dave Wheeler.

It was a casual, but great evening (if that makes sense) ! I'm glad I went and, if the opportunity comes around again, I would highly encourage others to join in !

Dave Wheeler

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