Thursday, March 22, 2007

In praise of Journaling...

One of my favorite bloggers, Scott Ginsberg, wrote an interesting post about Journaling... click here to check it out.

Scott gives 9 different examples of journals you could start. (Some of which could also be considered types of entries in your all-purpose journal)...

  1. Morning Writings
  2. WOM Journal
  3. Thanks Log
  4. HVA Journal
  5. Victory Log
  6. Learning Log
  7. 'No" Journal
  8. Dream Log
  9. Luck Journal
All of these ideas certainly have value... it just depends on you actually sitting down and journaling.

I have found that just sitting down in a quiet place and thinking on a regular basis helps me maintain my "balance" ... especially when circumstances beyond my control are wreaking havoc on my life. (I'm sure we've all been there!)

I also find that the act of writing things down helps me get a better perspective on the subject and, as Scott mentions in his post, it helps me deal with reality more effectively!

What have you written lately?

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