Wednesday, August 31, 2005

FREE MOO being sent ...

I have made my selections ....

First, I must say that it was a tough decision. I looked for people who could influence decision makers (which is the premise that Seth set up) but I also looked for people who took the time to "connect" before just asking for a freebie. This taught me a valuable lesson that I will use in my business dealings going forward... if you want someone to do something, you have to "connect" with their world (or their "worldview" as Seth would say) and provide them a good reason to take action.

The three selections connected to my worldview through the following means:
1) By reading my blog and my website and offering some comments. One also provided an interesting link that was related to's Art-based card business.
2) By appealing to my "influence other readers" approach (by providing a glimpse of their network of influence)... and giving me a lead on a potentially interesting book to read.
3) By appealing to my interest in exploring new places and new ideas. (Which was not something that I have explicitly indicated, but perhaps it comes through on my blog).

I am sending out three copies to "the far corners of the world" (so to speak). One is local (Connecticut), one is in Denver, Colorado (USA) and one is in Turkey (assuming I can figure out the shipping & other details).

My sincere appreciation to everyone who took the time to send me an email and I hope others will give away their extra copies of the BIG MOO and create more FREE MOO !

Write On!

Dave Wheeler

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