Thursday, August 25, 2005

"FREE MOO" offer is ... FULL ! (sorry)

I would like to thank everyone who sent emails for the "FREE BIG MOO" offer I posted yesterday. I received nearly 200 emails in less than 24 hours and if it I had an unlimited supply of books (and unlimited funds for shipping) I would have sent everyone a FREE MOO because the responses were absolutely INCREDIBLE !

I have started to sort them into two piles ... Maybe and YES (there were honestly none that are rated a "no"). From that I am narrowing it down further to match the [very limited] supply of books that I have available. Plus I want to get them shipped out soon so I had to make some quick decisions.

Epiphany.... (I rarely get a chance to use this word, but I think it applies here...)
As I go through the emails, one thing jumped out at me.... this whole giveaway process is just a microcosm for (or example of) the Purple Cow / BIG MOO philosophy! The people who stand out (and are the most remarkable) are the ones that catch my attention and will most likely receive a free book.

WOW .... what a concept. Using a BIG MOO to get a FREE MOO !
(I wish I did it on purpose, but I think it still qualifies as an epiphany... ya think?)

I'm still sorting through the pile, but I appreciate everyone's emails and I hope to have some selections ready to go very soon.

Write On !

Dave Wheeler

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