Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Quick Review of The BIG MOO !

I ordered the prerelease edition of THE BIG MOO (click here for more info) and it was delivered in 2 DAYS by 1-800-CEO READ (my compliments to them on their fulfillment process).

My expectations for this book were very high.... it is written by 33 of the top business writers in the world, edited by Seth Godin (one of my favorite authors) and focuses on the idea of the Purple Cow and how to get a REALLY BIG MOO ! (not just a regular purple cow).

I was not disappointed when I read the book. Or perhaps, more accurately, I was disappointed when I finished it since I wanted it to keep going! The stories and ideas are a rapid fire grab bag of business stories, life stories and just plain out-of-left-field ideas to help kick start your brain toward coming up with your own BIG MOO / Purple Cow.

Another interesting aspect of the book is that even though it is written by many top authors, including Tom Peters and Guy Kawasaki, none of the chapters are identified by author. This reduces the distraction of comparing Tom's chapter versus Guy's versus Seth's. It also emphasizes the point that these authors contributed to this effort for CHARITY, not notoriety. Clearly you can tell by reading the list on the cover that these authors have enough notoriety already!

Since the Pre-Release version was only available in quantities of 50 books, I have already sent out many of my copies to the key influencers I know in the hopes that they will help "spread the word" about the book and potentially end up purchasing bulk copies for their companies.

I have a few extra copies that I will be giving away and if you are a "key influencer", please send me an email at telling how you will help spread the word about this book (in 200 words or less ... I don't have tons of free time to read through long emails) and I will pick a few of the best to send out free copies. No promises on how long this will last, so send in your ideas as soon as possible!

Write On!

Dave Wheeler

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